Jamey Gambrell

Jamey Gambrell

A writer on Russian art and culture, Jamey Gambrell has also translated Marina Tsvetaeva, Aleksander Rodchenko, Tatyana Tolstaya, and Valdimir Sorokin.

The Bridge Over the Neroch & Other Works

by Leonid Tsypkin

Translated from the Russian by Jamey Gambrell

Leonid Tsypkin’s novel Summer in Baden-Baden was hailed as an undiscovered classic of 20th-century Russian literature. The Washington Post claimed it “a chronicle of fevered genius,” and The New York Review of Books described it as “gripping, mysterious and profoundly moving.” In her introduction, Susan Sontag said: “If you want from one book an experience of the depth and authority of Russian literature, read this book.” At long last, here are the remaining writings of Leonid Tsypkin: in the powerful novella Bridge Over the Neroch, the history of four generations of a Russian-Jewish family is seen through the lens of a doctor living in Moscow.…
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