Erik Reece

Erik Reece

Erik Anderson Reece is the author of a book of poems, My Muse Was Supposed to Meet Me Here, which won a Fund for Poetry Encouragement Award, and has published poetry and criticism in The Chicago Review and The Journal of Aesthetic and Art Criticism. He is married and lives in Scottsville, Virginia.

A Balance Of Quinces

Nonfiction by Erik Reece

As Erik Anderson Reece says in A Balance of Quinces, “Many know Guy Davenport the creator of fiction, the critic, the illustrator, the poet, the translator…. But Guy Davenport the monastic painter is still unknown.” Here gathered for the first time is a generous collection of Davenport’s paintings and drawings, interwoven with commentary by poet and critic Erik Anderson Reece. The broad scope of Davenport’s artistic output is included here: the pen-and-ink portraits, the abstract still lifes, and the collage compositions.…
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Reece does more than provide a catalog of works: he analyzes the illustrations and considers them as an extension of Davenport’s other literary talents. The in-depth analysis is the heart of this exploration.

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