Elaine Kraf

Elaine Kraf

Elaine Kraf (1946- ) is an American novelist. She’s worked as a preschool and kindergarten teacher and has received multiple awards, including a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts in 1982.

The Princess Of 72nd Street

Fiction by Elaine Kraf

In Elaine Kraf’s witty, sardonic novel The Princess of 72nd Street, the Princess Esmeralda is sure of her royalty, her seizures of “radiance,” and her domain––Manhattan’s 72nd Street from Central Park West to Riverside Drive. On the other hand, Ellen (who shares a body with the Princess) has trouble coping with an ex-lover, his psychiatrist, an ex-husband, dining out, putting just one color on her canvases at a time, and trying to keep a radiant Esmeralda from being arrested.…
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It’s with no small amount of urgency that Mathias Énard’s Compass, an engrossing meditation on the cultural and historical tension between Europe and the Islamic world, arrives from New Directions in a gorgeous translation by Charlotte Mandell.

—Hal Hlavinka, Quarterly Conversation

His most far-reaching and accomplished book and one of the finest European novels in recent memory.

—Adrian Nathan West, Literary Review
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