D. Smith

D. Howard Smith (1900–1987) was a Methodist minister and a scholar of Eastern philosophy and Chinese religions. In the 1940s, while teaching in China, he and his family were interned there when Japan entered the Chinese civil war. He was born and died in England.

The Wisdom Of The Taoists

Literature by D. Smith

In Chinese, Tao means simply way or path, and the mysticism of the early Taoists grew out of the longing and search for union with an eternal “Way.” To attune oneself to the rhythms of nature rather than to conform to the artificialities of man-made institutions (embodied in the rigid hierarchies of orthodox Confucianism) became the goal of Taoist masters such as Chuang-tzü, who refused high office so that he could, like the turtle, “drag his tail in the mud.…
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