Chuang Hua

Chuang Hua

Chuang Hua (1931–2000, the Chinese name and pen name of Stella Yang Copley) was born in Shanghai in 1931. During the Japanese invasion, she fled with her family to Hong Kong, eventually moved to England, and then to the United States where she graduated from Vassar College in 1951. She lived a very private and reclusive life, Crossings is her only known written work.


Fiction by Chuang Hua

When it was first published in America in 1968, Chuang Hua’s evocative novel Crossings was completely unheralded and quickly went out of print. Years later it would be widely recognized as the first modernist novel to address the Asian-American experience, its deeply imagistic prose–marked by spatial and temporal leaps, an unconventional syntax, and unanticipated shifts in plot–as haunting as the writing of Jane Bowles. At the center of Crossings is Fourth Jane, the fourth of seven children whose recollections of an oppressive yet loving father, Dyadya, are collaged with her constant migrations between four continents.…
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Chuang Hua’s themes…are not limited to Chinese-Americans: rather, they are universal concerns.

—Amy Ling
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