Chantal Maillard: (c) Bernabé Fernández)

Chantal Maillard

Chantal Maillard is a poet, translator, and essayist, and has won both the Premio Nacional de Poesía (for Killing Plato) and the Premio Nacional de la Crítica.

Killing Plato

Poetry by Chantal Maillard

Translated by Yvette Siegert

The two sequences of this book form a braided ars poetica: “Killing Plato” and “Writing.” The first is a numbered sequence of twenty-eight poems organized around an accident: a pedestrian has been hit by a truck and is dying in the middle of the road. Various characters appear—the philosopher Michel Serres, Robert Musil, a woman smoothing out her stocking, the truck driver, a boy on a balcony, the Spanish poet Jesús Aguado.…
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