Caradoc Evans

Caradoc Evans

Caradoc Evans (1878-1945) was a journalist, story-writer, playwright, and novelist. He became the most reviled man in Wales after My People, a collection of stories about life in rural west Wales, was published in 1915. He is now regarded as one of the outstanding narrative and satirical writers of his country, and is called “the Zola of the Valleys.”

Nothing To Pay

Fiction by Caradoc Evans

When Caradoc Evans’s novel Nothing to Pay appeared in 1930, it met with much admiration and also much resistance. His ruthless exposure of the Nonconformist establishment undermined the commonly held view that the Welsh were a pastoral, God-fearing people. As Jeremy Brooks put it The Independent, “What the Welsh could not forgive was that they recognized themselves only too clearly in Evans’s satirical portraits.” But Dylan Thomas praised Evans’s work relentlessly, and H.…
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There is a wild sardonic humor about Mr. Evans’s hatred, something which whips the narrative off realism’s earth.

—V.S. Pritchett
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