Brian Sneeden

Brian Sneeden

Brian Sneeden is author of the poetry collection Last City. He is program coordinator of translation studies at the University of Connecticut and is managing and senior editor of World Poetry Books.


Poetry by Phoebe Giannisi

Translated from the Greek by Brian Sneeden

By one of Greece’s foremost contemporary poets, Cicada is Phoebe Giannisi’s second collection in English. The cicada signifies metamorphosis in this breathtaking, lyrical book, which evokes the spirits of Archilochus, Plato, Empedocles, and Heraclitus. As the translator Brian Sneeden remarks: “The ‘I’ in Giannisi’s poetry is never static, never a fixed point, but part of a process of rebodying the ambient.” Yet, despite the fluid, mythic nature of Giannisi’s poems, they are also exquisitely rooted in the everyday: the sea heard through a window, the murmur of a distant mechanical crane, a damp wind, a photo of John and Yoko.…
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