Alhierd Bacharevič

Alhierd Bacharevič

Alhierd Bacharevič was born in Minsk in 1975. In the 1990s, he was the lead singer of the Belarusian-language punk band Pravakacyja (“Provocation”). Bacharevič has worked as a teacher of Belarusian and a journalist, and is one of the founders of the avant-garde group Bum-Bam-Lit. Bacharevič was awarded the 2021 Erwin Piscator Prize, and nominated for the 2021 Republic of Consciousness Prize. His books have been translated into German, French, Polish and Russian. He recently fled Belarus and is now based in Austria.

Alindarka’s Children

Fiction by Alhierd Bacharevič

Translated from the Belarusian by Petra Reid Jim Dingley

Alicia and her brother Avi are imprisoned in a camp on the edge of a forest. There, children are trained to forget their language through therapy, coercion, drugs, and larynx surgery. The Leid (or Belarusian language) is considered a perversion or sickness to be cured and replaced by the only pure form of language, the Lingo (Russian). But the children slip away through a hole in the fence. Abducted by their father—who had been performing his own dubious experiments—the siblings soon escape him, too, and set out on their own.…
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