Storybooks 2023

All eight storybooks, one low price

Storybooks 2023

Storybook ND rekindles and indulges the simple joy of being a child, reading a book in a single sitting, in a hammock or under the covers.

Now available at more than 30% off the cover price.

The 2023 Storybooks bundle includes:

Spadework for a Palace, László Krasznahorkai
Three Streets, Yoko Tawada
Early Light, Osamu Dazai
The Famous Magician, César Aira
The Woman Who Killed the Fish, Clarice Lispector
The English Understand Wool, Helen DeWitt
In the Act, Rachel Ingalls
The Road to the City, Natalia Ginzburg

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cover image of the book The English Understand Wool

A modern amorality play about a 17-year-old girl, the wilder shores of connoisseurship, and the power of false friends

cover image of the book The Woman Who Killed the Fish

Four beguiling tales for children of all ages—a surprising new facet of Clarice Lispector’s genius

cover image of the book The Famous Magician

A writer is offered a devil’s bargain: will he give up reading books in exchange for total world domination?

cover image of the book Early Light

Early Light gathers three tales by Osamu Dazai, author of the wildly popular No Longer Human

cover image of the book Three Streets

Yoko Tawada—winner of the National Book Award—presents three terrific new ghost stories, each named after a street in Berlin

cover image of the book Spadework for a Palace

A joyful ode—in a single soaring, crazy sentence—to the interconnectedness of great (and mad) minds

cover image of the book In the Act

From Rachel Ingalls, the author of Mrs. Caliban, another delicious, highly improbable, and hilariously believable tale of a wife’s scorched-earth rebellion

cover image of the book The Road to the City

A magnificently stark book—within the smallness of one poor, muddled, provincial life, Natalia Ginzburg finds enormous pain and loss