Midwinter Day at 40: Milwaukee

Dec, 22 2018 | 3:00 PM

Midwinter Day at 40: Milwaukee

Woodland Pattern

Address: 720 E Locust St
City: Milwaukee
State: Wisconsin
Zip: 53212

Join Woodland Pattern Book Center this winter solstice in celebrating the 40th anniversary of Bernadette Mayer’s epic tribute to the darkest, shortest day of the year with its inherent promise of longer, warmer days to come.

This event opens at 3 PM with an introduction, then fifteen different readers will take turns performing sections of the poem - start to finish! Cider and snacks provided.

**About the book: **

Midwinter Day was written on December 22, 1978 at 100 Main Street, in Lennox, Massachusettes. “Midwinter Day," as Alice Notley noted, “is an epic poem about a daily routine.” A poem in six parts, Midwinter Day takes us from awakening and emerging from dreams through the whole day—morning, afternoon, evening, night—to dreams again: “… a plain introduction to modes of love and reason / Then to end I guess with love, a method to this winter season / Now I’ve said this love it’s all I can remember / Of Midwinter Day the twenty-second of December.”