Marcia Douglas at Jaipur Literature Festival

Sep, 23 2018 | 1:15 PM

Marcia Douglas at Jaipur Literature Festival

Steps, Boulder Public Library

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Marcia Douglas will speak about and sign her new book, The Marvellous Equations of the Dread, on Sunday, September 23rd from 1:15-2:15pm. For full festival schedule, please see the event website.

About the book:

Reincarnated as a homeless man named Fall-down, Bob Marley sleeps in a clock tower built on the site of a lynching in Half Way Tree, Kingston. No one sees that Fall-down is Bob Marley, except his long-ago love, Leenah. Marcia Douglas’s mythical reworking of three hundred years of violence is a ticket to the deep world of Rasta history. The Marvellous Equations of the Dread tells the twin stories of Jamaica’s nihilistic violence and its wondrously creative humanity and does truthful justice to both.

About the festival:

A festival of literature from all over the world, ZEE JLF at Boulder promises to be an event unlike any other. Free and accessible to everyone, rich with words and ideas, the Festival invites you to join us in examining the human experience through the reflections and imaginations of distinguished contemporary authors from across the globe.