Virginia Woolf

Literature by David Daiches

This practical guidebook to the work of Virginia Woolf gives the student or lay reader the essential information about Mrs. Woolf’s life and writings, together with a critical summary of her method and achievement. Professor Daiches, author of A Critical History of English Literature and Director of The School of English and American Studies at The University of Sussex, discusses the major books in turn, analyzing their structure and intention. He traces Virginia Woolf’s evolution—technical and spiritual—as an artist, emphasizing the successive experiments that made her one of the most important innovators of the modern English novel. By use of extensive quotation from the books themselves, Professor Daiches allows Mrs. Woolf to tell much of her own story. For this revised edition, the author has written a new introduction and the bibliography has been brought up to date.

Paperback(published Jan, 01 1963)

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David Daiches

20th century British author and literary critic