The greatest radio play ever.

The Telegraph

The definitive new edition of Thomas’s famous radio play

Under Milk Wood

Theater by Dylan Thomas

Under Milk Wood is the masterpiece “radio play for voices” Dylan Thomas finished just before his death in 1953. First commissioned by the BBC and broadcast in 1954, it has been performed and celebrated by Anthony Hopkins, Richard Burton, Elton John, Tom Jones, Catherine Zeta Jones, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter O’Toole, and many others. In Under Milk Wood, Thomas gave fullest expression to his sense of the magnificent flavor and variety of life. A moving and hilarious account of a spring day in a small Welsh town, the play begins with dreams and ghosts before dawn and closes “as the rain of dusk brings on the bawdy night.”

This new edition contains the definitive version of the play, edited by the noted Dylan Thomas scholars Walford Davies and Ralph Maud, with an in-depth introduction by Davies as well as extensive and helpful textual and explanatory notes.

Paperback(published Jul, 15 2013)

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Ebook(published Jul, 15 2013)

Portrait of Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas

20th century Welsh poet

The greatest radio play ever.

The Telegraph

My favorite poet is Dylan Thomas.

Jimmy Carter

It would be hard for any work of art to communicate more directly and funnily and lovingly what it is like to be alive.

Randall Jarrell

A dazzling combination of poetic fireworks and music-hall humor.

The New York Times

Under Milk Wood is lyrical, impassioned and funny, an Our Town given universality: by comparison with anything broadcast for a long time, it exploded on the air like a bomb, but a life-giving bomb.

The Nation