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A genuine American original.

The Boston Globe

Truth is stranger than fiction

The Red Notebook

Nonfiction by Paul Auster

The Red Notebook stories, pulled from Auster’s own life or from the lives of those close to him, are explorations of unexpected coincidences. A wrong number becomes the genesis for a famous novel; a hero appears at an inopportune moment; a lightning storm harries a group of campers; a daughter plunges from a terrifying height only to land improbably safely; a Paul Auster imposter materializes. Like a magic show, The Red Notebook demonstrates that “there is much to life that is special and serendipitous — if only we allow ourselves to perceive it this way” (The Washington Post).

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Paperback (published July 16, 2013)

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Paul Auster

Contemporary American novelist, essayist, translator, and poet

A genuine American original.

The Boston Globe

Paul Auster is definitely a genius.

—Haruki Murakami

The Red Notebook is a gem.

The Washington Post