The best fucking novel ever written about Mexico City.
—Francisco Goldman

A gripping and hilarious literary masterpiece masquerading as a Mexico City crime novel

The Mongolian Conspiracy

Fiction by Rafael Bernal

Translated from the Spanish by Katherine Silver

With a contribution by Francisco Goldman

Only a couple of days before the state visit of the President of the United States, Filiberto García — an impeccably groomed “gun for hire,” ex–Mexican revolutionary, and classic antihero — is recruited by the Mexican police to discover how much truth there might be to KGB and CIA reports of a Chinese-Mongolian plot to assassinate the Mexican and American presidents during the unveiling of a statue in Mexico City.

García kills various criminals as he searches for clues in the opium dens, curio shops, and Cantonese restaurants of Mexico City’s Chinatown — clues that appear to point not to Mongolia, but to Cuba. Yet as the bodies pile up, he begins to find traces of slimy political dealings: are local gears grinding away in these machinations of an “international incident”? Pulsating behind the smokescreen of this classic noir are fierce curses, a shockingly innocent affair, smoldering dialog, and unforgettable riffs about the meaning of life, the Mexican Revolution, women, and the best gun to use for close-range killing.

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Rafael Bernal

Mexican writer

The best fucking novel ever written about Mexico City.
—Francisco Goldman
The Mongolian Conspiracy is ‘60s noir to the core.
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Rafael Bernal's The Mongolian Conspiracy, written in 1969, is a masterful work of hilarity and noir.
—Juan Vidal, NPR