A poet of all times, all places, and all wars.
—Dylan Thomas

The Collected Poems Of Wilfred Owen

Poetry by Wilfred Owen

Wilfred Owen’s death in World War I was an irreparable loss to English poetry. His war poems, most of which were composed in a thirteen-month period on the front line, have kept their originality and force through the past seventy years. The best of them are considered the finest poems about war in the English language. This definitive edition of Owen’s poetry, based on a close study of the manuscript sources in the British Museum and elsewhere, contains a selection of the poet’s juvenilia and several other unpublished poems, as well as those which have appeared in the editions edited by Siegfried Sassoon and Edmund Blunden.

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Wilfred Owen

20th Century British poet

A poet of all times, all places, and all wars.
—Dylan Thomas
Owen was the medium through whom the missing spoke.
—Geoff Dyer
The very content of Owen’s poems was, and still is, pertinent to the feelings of young men facing death and the terrors of war.
The New York Times Book Review