Revolt In Aspromonte

by Corrado Alvaro

This short but powerful novel of peasant life in Calabria is recognized by Italians as one of the classics of their modern literature. Alvaro, who died in 1956, is frequently compared to Verga, and Revolt in Aspromonte is as moving, as touchingly human as Verga’s Under the Medlar Tree. Revolt in Aspromonte is the story of the shepherd Argiro and his family––of their struggle for survival, and some shred of dignity, against the degrading oppression of the feudal family which controls their village. In his despair, Argiro believes that if only he can educate his youngest son, Benedetto, to be a priest he will achieve status and revenge on those who have wronged him. To this end, he sacrifices himself and the gentle older brother, Antonello. A simple tale––but told with a poetry of style which gives it a somber beauty.

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Paperback (published December 1, 1962)

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Corrado Alvaro

20th century Italian journalist and writer