New Directions 43


Combining the variety and experimental nature of a literary magazine with the durability of a book, the New Directions in Prose & Poetry anthology endeavors to bridge the gap between the two. For over forty years, the series has included fiction and poetry from around the world, featuring lesser-known as well as established writers. New Directions 43 contains work from ten different countries. France: poems by Guillevic and a fictional “Interview with Samuel Astonguet” by Alain Nadaud. Great Britain: verse by Edwin Brock. Italy: poems by Ruth Domino and “The Coldest Year of Grace” by the poet Giovanni Raboni. Mexico: poems by Homero Aridjis. New Zealand: “The Palace of Kandahar,” a story by Russell Haley. Peru: poems by Antonio Cisneros. Portugal: poetry by Mario Cesariny and Antonio Osório. Spain: poems by Justo Jorge Padrón. West Germany: “The Grasslandsman,” a radio play by Rüdiger Kremer. Yugoslavia: verse by Boco Petrovk. From the United States: poems by Robin Gadjusek, Michael Reck, Joan Retallack, Anne Waldman, and Eliot Weinberger; short fiction, including “Origins” by Lawrence Millman, “A Diet of Worms” by Ursule Molinaro, and “Stray Dogs” by Geoffrey Rips; and a short play, “What Is It, Zack?" contributed by James Purdy.

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