New Directions 39


Walter Abish: SELF-PORTRAIT Gregory Corso: FEELINGS ON GROWING OLD Bram Dijkstra: SEVEN POEMS Carlos Drummond de Andrade: SONG FOR THAT MAN OF THE PEOPLE, CHARLIE CHAPLIN Jaime Gil de Biedma: EIGHT POEMS Ivan Goll: THE CHAPLINIAD Christine L. Hewitt: TWINS Dawson Jackson: FAUST AND HIS WORLD OF PLASTIC J. Laughin: THE PERSON Hugh Kenner, Celia Zukofsly, and David Gordon, eds.: TRIBUTES TO LOUIS ZUKOFSKY Ifeanyi Menkiti, ed.: Poems by Poets from Africa Joe Ashby Porter: IN THE MIND’S EYE Howard Stern: FOUR COLLAGES

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Clothbound (published January 1, 2001)

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