New Directions 37


Walter Abish: THE IDEA OF VIENNA Jorge Carrera Andrade: THREE POEMS Homero Aridjis: EXALTATION OF LIGHT J. G. Ballard: THE INTENSIVE CARE UNIT Martin Bax: FIVE HOURS TO VESPERS Marcel Blecher: ADVENTURES IN IMMEDIATE UNREALITY Jean Cocteau: SEVEN PROSE POEMS Cid Corman: EIGHTEEN POEMS Andre du Bouchet: SIX POEMS Stephen Emerson: AN UNKNOWN DISTANCE Gavin Ewart: FOUR POEMS Allen Ginsberg, ed.: GINSBERG’S CHOICE Allen Grossman: FIVE POEMS Paavo Haavikko: TREES, THEIR LEGACY OF GREEN W. J. Hollinger: MARRIAGE Miroslav Holub: SIX POEMS Eduardo Gudino Kieffer: A SINNER’S GUIDEBOOK Elizabeth Marraffino: KANSAS / OR DECEMBER POEM Paul Pines: EIGHT POEMS Nelida Pinon: Natural Frontier Edouard Roditi: WOMAN TO HER MIDGET LOVER Carol Rubenstein, trans.: THE HONEY TREE SONG OF RASEH Vittorio Sereni: EIGHT POEMS Carl Solomon: 1977 REFLECTIONS Ryuichi Tamura: NINE POEMS H. C. ten Berge: THE OTHER SLEEP Stephen Vincent: AN INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL MCCLURE

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