New Directions 26

cover image of the book New Directions 26

New Directions 26


Horst Bienek: BOYHOOD IN GLEIWITZ Naomi Burton: EN ROUTE AND RETURN Frederick Busch: WHILE SUSAN HAYWARD WEEPS Cid Corman: ELEVEN POEMS Coleman Dowell: THE KEEPSAKE Robert Duncan: THE MUSEUM Russel Edson: THE CRAWLERS David Giannini: A LETTER Alfredo Giuliani: THE TAUTOPHONE Andrew Glaze: A CITY Yumiko Kurahashi: PARTEI Robert Morgan: EIGHT POEMS Robert Nichols: FOUR POEMS Omar Pound: GORBY AND THE RATS Dachine Rainer: SARCOPHAGUS: A TRIBUTE Kenneth Rexroth: FIVE POEMS Yannis Ritsos: THE WINDOW Edouard Roditi: THE SULTAN’S LITTLE HARUM-SCARUM Claudio Rodriguez: FOUR POEMS Gary Snyder: MOTHER EARTH Tony Tanner: JAMES PURDY’S I AM ELIJAH THRUSH Carol Tinker: SEVEN POEMS

Clothbound(published Apr, 01 1973)