New Directions 19

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New Directions 19


As with its predecessors in a series which began in 1936, this New Directions anthology is an “exhibition gallery in book form” for writers, both American and foreign, who have sought in their work to extend the frontiers of literary method and content. Number 19 presents: Rafael Alberti: CONCERNING THE ANGELS Edward Dahlberg: FURTHER SORROWS OF PRIAPUS Denise Levertov: EIGHT POEMS Hayden Carruth: JOURNEY TO A KNOWN PLACE John H. Galey: THE JAWBONE George MacBeth: SCISSOR-MAN NOAH’S JOURNEY THE SKI MURDERS Gunther Anders: THESES FOR THE ATOMIC AGE Armand Schwerner: PROLOGUE IN SIX PARTS Claude Pelieu: MEDLEYS & ABRACA-CAHA Hans Magnus Enzensberger: FOUR POEMS Elisabeth Mann Borgese: THE MONGOL Tomas Transtromer: FIFTEEN POEMS Lawrence Ferlinghetti: WHERE IS VIETNAM? 3 POEMES SPONTANES SUR LA FORCE DE FRAPPE DE L’AMOUR A SIX HEURES DU MATIN THE SITUATION IN THE WEST David Rafael Wang & William Carlos Williams: THE CASSIA TREE: TRANSLATIONS OF CHINESE POETRY Douglas Woolf: THE LOVE LETTER David Posner: KARAKORUM W.C. Bondarenko: THE BIG PENCIL, KNOTS UNTIED Gregory Corso: ODE TO OLD ENGLAND AND ITS LANGUAGE Marvin Cohen: THE MONDAY RHETORIC OF THE LOVE CLUB Thomas Merton: SEVEN POEMS Fernando Pessoa: TWELVE POEMS

Clothbound(published Oct, 01 1968)

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