featuring works by Gregory Corso, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Thomas Merton.

New Directions 18


Elisabeth Mann Borgese

_           Thou Shalt Not Steal_

Marvin Cohen

_          Others, Including Morstive Sternbump_

Gregory Corso

          In this Hung-up Age

Russel Edson

          In the Twentieth Century

Gunter Eich

          The Stilts-walker

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

_          Thoughts to a Concerto of Telemann _

_          Parade Tirade_

_          Berlin_

_         Servants of the People_

Robert Fitzgerald

_          Figlio Maggiore_

James B. Hall 

_          The Fish Camp under the Snow_

John Hawkes 

_          The Traveler_

Rayner Heppenstall

_          Raymond Roussel_

Alfred Jarry

_          The Supermale_

Denise Levertov

_         Seven Poems_

Fredrico Garcia Lorca

_          Trip to the Moon_

Milton Mayer

_           The Tomb_

Thomas Merton

_          The Early Legend_

_          Atlas Watches Every Evening_

_          A Devout Meditation in Memory of Adolf Eichmann_

Juan Garcia Ponce 

_          Tajimara_

Mark Power

_          Graves_

Michael Reck

_          Five Surprises_

Raymond Roussel

_          The Terrace_

_          The Greenish Skin_

_          The Poet and the Morisco_

Piero Sanavio

_          The Dogs_

M. E. White

_          The Power of Positive Thinking_

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