Just In Time: Poems 1984-1994

Poetry by Robert Creeley

Just in Time: Poems 1984-1994 continues the consolidation of Robert Creeley’s later work begun with So There: Poems 1976-83 (1998). Just in Time combines Memory Gardens (1986), Windows (1990), and Echoes (1994) in a volume that further validates the Lifetime Achievement Awards conferred on Creeley by the Before Columbus Foundation in 2000 and the Lannan Foundation in 2001. The poet himself comments about his later work: “Much echoes in these poems from the necessary ’voyage to oblivion’ they prepare for, but they are fact of no simple despair. Each day stays specific, possible, each relation defining, whether of life or of death. As my longtime mentor, W. C. Williams, best put it, ’The descent beckons as the ascent beckoned ….’One continues and learns despite.”

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Paperback (published September 1, 2001)


Robert Creeley

20th century poet, novelist, short story writer, essayist, editor and teacher