James Joyce / Finnegans Wake: A Symposium

Literature by James Joyce

Our Examination Round His Factifiation for Incamination of Work in Progress is unique among the many books Finnegans Wake has evoked from other writers. This symposium was published in Paris ten years before Joyce’s Finnegans Wake was completed. The contributors were all friends or acquaintances of the authors: Samuel Beckett, Marcel Brion, Frank Budgen, Stuart Gilbert, Eugene Jolas, Victor Llona, Robert McAlmon, Thomas McGreevy, Elliot Paul, John Rodker, Robert Sage and William Carlos Williams. There are also ’Letters of Protest’ from G. V. L. Slingsby and Vladimir Dixon. Prepared in such circumstances, with the active encouragement of James Joyce, the book could only have appeared under one imprint, that of Shakespeare and Company, publishers of Ulysses. This edition also includes the characteristic introduction by Miss Sylvia Beach, the original publisher.

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James Joyce

James Joyce was one of innovators of postmodernism. He is widely considered one of the most important writers of the 20th century.