Ezra Pound And Music

Nonfiction by Ezra Pound

Included here are all of Pound’s concert reviews and statements; the biweekly columns written under the pen name William Atheling for The New Age in London; articles from other periodicals; the complete text of the 1924 landmark volume Antheil and the Treatise on Harmony; extracts from books and letters, and the poet’s additional writings on the subject of music. The pieces are organized chronologically, with illuminating commentary, thorough footnotes, and an index. Three apendixes complete this comprehensive volume; an analysis of Pound’s theories of “absolute rhythm” and “Great Bass;” a glossary of important musical personalities mentioned in the text and the composer George Antheil’s 1924 appreciation, “Why a Poet Quit the Muses.”

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Ezra Pound

20th Century American poet