With his talent and creativity, Manea belongs to the great.
—Orhan Pamuk

A stunning novel set in postwar Romania about language, identity, and loss


by Norman Manea

Translated from the Romanian by Jean Harris

Acclaimed writer Norman Manea’s Captives is a kaleidoscopic, imagistic, and stylistically innovative look into the lives of three characters: an alienated piano teacher, an engineer reflecting on his youth, and a veteran who suffers through daily life long after surviving the battles of World War II.

Divided into interrelated sections—narrated in first-, second-, and third- person voices—Captives explores the social and psychological conditions of postwar Romania: a loss of identity, a complicated sense of guilt and trauma from having survived the fascist government during World War II, and the rise of communism. 

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Norman Manea

Romanian novelist

With his talent and creativity, Manea belongs to the great.
—Orhan Pamuk
A superb writer who gives an extraordinary testimony of a rich and dramatic life under one of the most grotesque and ferocious dictatorships.
—Mario Vargas Llosa
Mr. Manea’s voice is radically new, and we are blessedly awakened and alerted by the demand his fiction makes on our understanding.
—Lore Segal, The New York Times Book Review