ND 80 Party

New Directions was founded in 1936 by James Laughlin, following the advice of Ezra Pound to “do something useful.” Since then, New Directions has published over 1500 works of literature. We celebrated our 80th birthday last Friday at Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn.

For those who couldn’t make it, you missed: John Keene’s toast and a slice of his story “Rivers”; Rivka Galchen reading Ezra Pound and Stevie Smith; Eliot Weinberger’s tantric ode to the ND goddesses; Bernadette Mayer reading an erotic Chinese poem, a poem inspired by rap music, and another about Lyme disease; Anne Carson reading from The Albertine Workout, and anniversary poem to her husband, Currie; and László Krasznahoraki’s nihilistic reading, with an “except for New Directions” punch line.

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate! We are very grateful to everyone who has contributed to ND over the years, everyone who participated in the event, our co-publisher, Christine Burgin, the wonderful booksellers at Greenlight for having us, and all of our readers.

Cheers to 80 years to New Directions!

Photos: Sachyn Mital


Barbara Epler, Bernadette Mayer, and the front row at Greenlight look up at John Keene


Outside Greenlight Bookstore, Brooklyn


Eliot Weinberger out front


Anne Carson before the event


ND books on display


ND80 M&M's


Robert Currie, Anne Carson, and friend


Co-owner of Greenlight Bookstore, Jessica Stockton Bagnulo


Jessica waves THE WAY IT WASN'T


Mieke Chew


John Keene


Rivka Galchen with Ezra Pound


Eliot Weinberger and crowd


Bernadette Mayer


Anne Carson


László Krasznahorkai


László and Barbara Epler share a hug


Barbara and our web wizard, Bud Parr


Mieke Chew, Katie Raissian, and Allison Elizabeth


Happy Anniversary Currie and Anne!


Maya Bradford and Emily Ballaine all the way from Green Apple Bookstore in San Francisco


Rivka and Susan Bernofsky


Laurie Callahan and Susan with ND tattoos. That's not coming off.


Anne Waldman, Mieke Chew, Nina Subin


Rivka Galchen, Joseph O'Neill, David Gordon, Barbara Epler