László Krasznahorkai Reads from “Satantango”

Last Monday, Hungarian author László Krasznahorkai and literary critic James Wood discussed Krasznahorkai’s newest novel to appear in English, _Satantango, _before a packed audience at Housing Works in SoHo. The evening began with Wood giving, at length, a summary of his thoughts on Krasznahorkai’s ouevre to the audience before delving into conversation with the Hungarian writer about his work and style of writing. The event concluded with Krasznahorkai reading the section “Irimiás Makes a Speech” from _Satantango _before signing books (for over an hour!). If you weren’t fortunate enough to attend the event, you can still watch this video clip of the great Hungarian writer reading “Irimiás Makes a Speech.”

The following day was Laszlo’s last in the big apple, so ND President and Publisher Barbara Epler took him on pilgrimages to the more far-flung attractions of the city — The Louis Armstrong Museum, the 1964 World’s Fair grounds, The New York City panorama at the Queens Museum of Art, the Lemon-Ice King of Corona, and Chinese lunch in Flushing before ending the day at the Lenox and Showman’s Lounges in Harlem. We leave you with the image of László Krasznahorkai standing before the Unisphere. (More photos forthcoming via Tumblr.)

László Krasznahorkai reading from Satantango from New Directions on Vimeo.