Celebrating Muriel Spark

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How fitting that an evening celebrating Muriel Spark saw a downpour so relentless that umbrellas were useless. Last night, brave Spark lovers came together to remember the writer whose cleverness and wit produced classics that include The Ballad of Peckham Rye, The Driver’s Seat, and Memento Mori. Leading the charge was moderator Michael Barron and panelists Barbara Epler, Emily Stokes, Maud Newton, Sadie Stein, and Thessaly LaForce.

The Informed Air, the first collection of Spark’s essays, edited by her friend the artist Penelope Jardine, is now available in hardcover from New Directions.

Thank you to all who attended a memorable evening of conversation and who enjoyed, in honor of Edith Sitwell, a little gin with a splash of pineapple.

Photographs by Jesse Ruddock

ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn

New designs by Office of Paul Sahre

Before the event

Michael Barron, Sadie Stein, and Emily Stokes

Barbara Epler, Maud Newton, and Thessaly LaForce

Michael Barron of New Directions

Thessaly LaForce with Maud Newton

Barbara Epler and Maud Newton

Sadie Stein in symposium