César Aira and Lászlo Krasznahorkai are finalists for the Man Booker International Prize

New Directions is delighted to announce that César Aira and László Krasznahorkai are both finalists for the Man Booker International Prize 2015! Our heartfelt congratulations to César and László and the excellent translators who have brought them into English: Chris Andrews, Katherine Silver, Georges Szirtes, and Ottilie Mulzet.

Congratulations to the other finalists: Hoda Barakat (Lebanon), Maryse Condé (Guadeloupe), Mia Couto (Mozambique), Amitav Ghosh (India), Fanny Howe (US), Ibrahim Al-Koni (Libya), Alian Mabanckou (The Republic of Congo), and Marlene van Niekerk (South Africa).

Find out how the judges narrowed down the list in The Guardian.

[![](https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/FD_NyBYz2CvcneFz7R9IpCXN9oRwrm4FLpFE9NOfGUe3iBa-JxrdCbwM6_hDrCNKUqZDgOlpnIO3rkSqA54-HhtscAn7=s1200)](Lazlo_Kraznahorkai_SELECTS-8487.fl_copy.jpg) László Krasznahorkai Credit: Nina Subin [![](https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/7R6kTABJfJpVMV65rLt3MHdJn_3owlC1tM9g0I_dJa93JnfqOJ5bzAkFHZBtJ1SQVvlzz27LN9S2P3LpibRd4SOVttzy=s1200)](Cesar_AIra_select_3856_copy.jpg) César Aira Credit: Nina Subin

Image by New Direction
Credit: Jesse Ruddock