Across the Vapour Gulf

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To understand the vertical, the perpendicular, one must have
sufficient thrusting of the psyche into the margins of existence.
As if whole walls of sound were thrown up into the flaming spi-
der’s heaves and dissolved into the essence of light itself. This
level of which I speak insists on the non-corporeal, opposed to
dates and names, to the anecdotal bondage of rudimentary 
confessional neurosis


Having passed through various iodine levels of social constric-
tion, I feel philosophically privy as witness to the frozen condi-
tion of pain eating away at faces militantly centred around false
constriction, and this false constriction negatively combines via
pure statistics and pure corporality. This compound constric-
tion acts as conscious scaffolding constantly invoking the psy-
chic gravity of collective consensus.


How does one deal with absolute freedom when constantly
shouldered by a society corroded by psychic statistical mer-
cury? It seems one’s survival depends on practical numerical 
superiority. But when one lives in a state of constant high sa-
madi, how does one cope with opaqueness condoned in the 
mind of sluggards? Psychic removal, conjurations of hieratic 
lavender stars rising in radiant cinnamon evenings?

For now, one must maintain a dynamically charged neutrality 
that allows the deeper ores to transmute, to fully maturate,
as though one were preparing for a more optimum rhythmics of 

a coming transmundane interior era.​