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Outside Stories

by Eliot Weinberger

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One would love, someday, to have the equivalent [of Eliot Weinberger] in France.

Action Poétique (Paris)

Unpredictable and uncanonical, Eliot Weinberger’s essays are the “outside stories" of cultural migrations. The fifteen pieces collected here range from the history of the Salman Rushdie affair to the dream of Atlantis, from the turf wars among ethnographic filmmakers to the unlikely romance between poetry and espionage, from the pilgrims in Plymouth to the students in Tiananmen Square. Above all, Weinberger’s concern is poetry––whether written in medieval Baghdad or by Mexicans in Japan––and the perennially underground yet global network through which it travels. With his modernist sensibility and internationalist perspective, Weinberger’s inventive prose transports old myths and texts to the strange realities of contemporary life.

Outside Stories

Nonfiction by Eliot Weinberger

published October 1st, 1992