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I Am the Brother of XX

by Fleur Jaeggy

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A wonderful, brilliant, savage writer.

Susan Sontag

Sensational, hyper-distilled new stories by the inimitable Fleur Jaeggy

Available July 25th, 2017

I Am the Brother of XX

Fiction by Fleur Jaeggy

translated from the Italian by Gini Alhadeff

Fleur Jaeggy is often noted for her terse and telegraphic style, which brews up a haunting paradox: despite a zero-at-the-bone baseline, her fiction is intensely moving. As April Bernard commented in Newsday, how work “could be so chilly and so passionate at the same time is a puzzle, but that icy-hot quality is only one of its distinctions.” Here, in her newest collection, I Am the Brother of XX —whether the stories involve famous writers (Calvino, Ingeborg Bachmann, Joseph Brodsky) or baronesses, thirteenth-century visionaries or tormented siblings raised in elite Swiss boarding schools—Jaeggy contrives to somehow stealthily possess your mind. Of the possessions a dead mother has left behind, Jaeggy notes that “the black plastic bags are tearing, a sinister sound, of membranes.” Jaeggy is a font of throwaway wisdom: “The sadness of others one should leave alone. It is a small garden, a fragile delicate Arcadia, one should not disturb it.” Her champagne gothic worlds are seething with quiet violence—and unforgettable.

published July 25th, 2017