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It is meandering, but seamless; you will find yourself, as though in a window of lucidity during an episode of madness, wondering how you got here from there.

The Guardian

Vertigo is the marvelous first novel by W.G. Sebald: "The most exciting, and most mysteriously sublime, of contemporary European writers" (James Wood, The New Republic). An unnamed narrator, beset by nervous ailments, journeys across Europe to Vienna, Venice, Verona, Riva, and finally to his childhood home in a small Bavarian village. He is also journeying into the past. Traveling in the footsteps of Stendhal, Casanova and Kafka, the narrator draws the reader line by line into a dizzying web of history, biography, autobiography, legends, literature, and — most perilously — memories.


Fiction by W.G. Sebald

translated from the German by Michael Hulse
published October 1st, 2001
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