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The Poems of Octavio Paz

by Octavio Paz

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The question of who or what writes a poem, which agency creates which pieces, even if none of the players is exactly automatic, takes us a long way into Paz’s work, handsomely represented in this new collection. 

London Review of Books

The definitive, life spanning, bilingual edition of the poems by the Nobel Prize-winner

The Poems of Octavio Paz

Poetry by Octavio Paz

translated from the Spanish by Eliot Weinberger

The Poems of Octavio Paz is the first retrospective collection of Paz's poetry to span his entire writing career, from his first published poem, at age seventeen, to his magnificent last poem. This landmark bilingual edition contains many poems that have never been translated into English before, plus new translations based on Paz's final revisions. Assiduously edited by Eliot Weinberger—who has been translating Paz for over forty years—The Poems of Octavio Paz also includes additional translations by the poet-luminaries Elizabeth Bishop, Paul Blackburn, Denise Levertov, Muriel Rukeyser, and Charles Tomlinson. Readers will also find Weinberger's capsule biography of Paz, as well as illuminating notes on many poems in Paz's own words taken from various interviews he gave throughout his long and singular life.

published October 23rd, 2012