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I am a huge fan of Jane Unrue’s work.

—Ben Marcus

A novel about a mysterious love triangle and the almost mythological power of eros—and its potentially lethal danger.

Love Hotel

Fiction by Jane Unrue

Working on behalf of a cunning and mysterious couple, a woman embarks on a haunting search for a stranger (a child? somebody’s lover? a ghost?), undertaking a perplexing, dangerous, and apparently timeless journey that originates on a secluded country estate and leads deep into the center of the city. Love Hotel explores a heartbreaking and nightmarish world of unrelenting excess, impossible convergences, undeniable urges, and inexorable loss. Jane Unrue’s writing, beautifully cunning and mysterious, twists and turns and lures the reader on with an erotic magnetism of its own. 

published February 10th, 2015
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