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Love and Other Stories

by Tibor Déry

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... this retrospective collection ... should remind them [US readers] of Déry's central place in modern Hungarian literature.

Publishers Weekly

Today, Tibor Déry is venerated as one of the most important literary figures of Hungary and, like Chekhov, a master of the modern short story.  Love and Other Stories, presents some of Déry’s finest work. In "Games of the Underworld," ordinary people in Budapest try to survive the winter of war in cramped cellars and encounter menacing Arrow-Cross men, a towering giant, a blind horse, a vinegar sponge; in "The Circus," a group of bored children transmogrifies into a grotesque spectacle; in "Love," a political prisoner is released after seven years and returns home to his wife and son. George Szirtes, the award-winning translator from the Hungarian and winner of the 2004 T.S. Eliot Prize for poetry, gives a brilliant introduction to this visionary collection that deals passionately with questions of responsibility and conscience, of social justice and renewal.

Love and Other Stories

Fiction by Tibor Déry

translated from the Hungarian by George Szirtes
with a contribution by Tibor Déry
published June 1st, 2005