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Long Live Man

by Gregory Corso

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Gregory Corso's an aphoristic poet, and a poet of ideas. What modern poets write with such terse clarity that their verses stick in the mind without effort?

—Allen Ginsberg

Long live Man! sings the poet Gregory Corso – despite atom bombs and computers, cold wars that get hot and togetherness that isn’t, too many cars and too little love… and in these poems he celebrates the wonders (and the laughs and griefs) of being a man alive. Whether he is musing on antic glories amid the ruins of the Acropolis or watching a New York child invent games on the city’s sidewalks, Corso is there in it, putting us into it, with the magic of vision, with the senses––awakening images, that transmute reality into something more––insights that let us share his joy and echo his shout of Long live Man!

Long Live Man

Poetry by Gregory Corso

published November 1st, 1962