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Collected Poems of George Oppen

by George Oppen

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At long last, in his sixty-eighth year, George Oppen's work can be had in one volume instead of five-plus: twenty-four pages of new poems, annexed to a handsome resetting of the earlier books. Those were thin books, and participation in the bulk of a single volume now changes the import of every poem. The first sequence dates from 1934. All those years, academe (alas) is about to discover, an Oeuvre has been growing.

—Hugh Kenner, New York Times Book Review

First published in 1975, and available now as a New Directions Paperbook, George Oppen’s Collected Poems brings together the work of one of our foremost contemporary poets, winner of the 1969 Pulitzer Prize. A member of the Objectivist school that flourished in the 1930s (which also included William Carlos Williams, Charles Reznikoff, Carl Rakosi, and Louis Zukofsky), he was hailed by Ezra Pound as "a serious craftsman, a sensibility which is not every man’s sensibility and which has not been got out of any other man’s books." Contained in the present volume are Oppen’s late poems, Myth of the Blaze (1972-1975), as well as all of Discrete Series (1934), The Materials (1962), This in Which (1965), Of Being Numerous (1968), and Seascape: Needle’s Eye (1972).

Collected Poems of George Oppen

Poetry by George Oppen

published October 1st, 1976