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All the Stories of Muriel Spark

by Muriel Spark

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Muriel Spark has made herself a mistress at writing stories which seem to trip blithely and bitchily along life's way until the reader is suddenly pulled up with a shock recognition of death and judgment, heaven and hell.

London Review of Books

Spanning her entire career to date, All the Stories of Muriel Spark contains four brand new tales. Now in hand is every single one of her forty-one marvelous stories. "To read Spark," as the Georgia Review put it, "is to encounter delight after delight." Ranging from South Africa to the West End, her dazzling stories feature hanging judges, fortune-tellers, shy girls, psychiatrists, dress designers, pensive ghosts, never-departing guests, and imaginary chauffeurs. Regarding one story ("The Portobello Road"), Stephen Schiff said in The New Yorker: "Muriel Spark has written some of the best sentences in English. For instance: ’He looked as if he would murder me, and he did.’ It’s a nasty piece of work, that sentence."

All the Stories of Muriel Spark

Fiction by Muriel Spark

published November 1st, 2001