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May 23, 2016
ND 80 Party
New Directions was founded in 1936 by James Laughlin, following the advice of Ezra Pound to "do something useful." Since then, New Directions has published over 1500 works of literature. We celebrated our 80th birthday last Friday at Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn.For those who couldn't make it,...
March 15, 2016
The Shooting Gallery by Yuko Tsushima
We mourn the loss of the great Japanese writer, Yuko Tsushima (1947-2016), whose writing was "as potent and heady as a dry martini" (The Village Voice), and return to her wonderful, unnerving story, "The Shooting Gallery", translated by Geraldine Harcourt. The two children suddenly leaned...
February 26, 2016
All the Poems: Stevie Smith
Stevie Smith laughed at ghoulish things. Disarmingly playful, her poetry is equal parts grief and glee. All the Poems gathers Smith's line drawings together with her poems, as she always wished them to be published. The following are a selection from her collected works, edited by Smith scholar...
February 19, 2016
The John Keene Syllabus: "'Temples for the Future': 20th and 21st Century Black Literary Avant-Gardes"
ENGLISH 366Professor John KeeneNorthwestern University Fall 2010 Course...
January 15, 2016
C. D. Wright, 1949—2016
New Directions deeply mourns the loss of our beloved friend, C. D. Wright, the great, generous, and inspiring poet. We share the sorrow of her family, friends, and readers. Morning Star This isn't the end. It simplycannot be the end. It is a road.You go ahead coatless, light-soaked, more...
December 18, 2015
A Hora de Clarice
On December 10th, we reflected on the overwhelming response to The Complete Stories of Clarice Lispector translated by Katrina Dodson and edited by Benjamin Moser. A Hora de Clarice has been running in Brazil for the last five years with simultaneous celebrations in Paris, Madrid, Lisbon,...
December 03, 2015
Brooklyn Book Festival 2015
Photographs by Jesse Ruddock
December 01, 2015
A Tribute to Christopher Middleton (1926-2015)
White LinenA little movement stirs the linen, it's in the garden, in the windwhich comes, a marvel, from the sky. The sky is halfway still, half wild; half it is involved with cloud, half stepping brightly out in blue. Already the sun has been forgottenand all the world is making ready to...
November 19, 2015
A Celebration of Robert Walser at the New Museum
Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the launch of Looking At Pictures at the New Museum last week. Special thanks to readers: Moyra Davey, Susan Bernofsky, Nathaniel Weaver, and co-publishers, Barbara Epler of New Directions and Christine Burgin. A wonderful night! For those who...
November 13, 2015
All the Pictures
All the pictures below are drawn from Looking At Pictures, a collection of Robert Walser's joyful musings on art, which make most art criticism sound like highfalutin twaddle. A delicious line from each essay has been plucked to serve as a peephole into the piece. Turn your eye on Cézanne,...