Leading Ladies

Celebrate Women in Translation month and fight the end of summer doldrums with spectral, creepy, claustrophobic, damning and trailblazing feminist fiction by six extraordinary women, writing from Italy, Japan, Switzerland, and Brazil.

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Women in Translation includes:

Antonio, Beatriz Bracher
The Besieged City, Clarice Lispector
Voices in the Evening, Natalia Ginzburg
Toddler Hunting and Other Stories, Taeko Kono
The Water Statues, Fleur Jaeggy
The Hole, Hiroko Oyamada

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The Besieged City At last in English, and sure to be a revelation to her fans, Clarice Lispector’s third book is unlike any of her other novels—it even has a happy ending
Antonio A brilliant, magisterial novel of family secrets simmering beneath the surface
Voices in the Evening From one of Italy’s greatest writers, a stunning novel “filled with shimmering, risky, darting observation” (Colm Tóibín)
Toddler Hunting and Other Stories Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2018
The Water Statues Family, obsession, and privilege boiled down by the icy-hot Swiss-Italian master stylist Fleur Jaeggy
The Hole Winner of the Akutagawa Prize, The Hole is by turns reminiscent of Lewis Carroll, David Lynch, and My Neighbor Totoro, but is singularly unsettling