Funny Sense of Humor

Funny odd meets funny haha when Death visits Dorsetshire, Theseus is a Black Yiddish New York escapade, and a man sleeps for seven years while another invents “sexual lightning rods”—eight novels setting the world just on its ear.

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Funny Sense of Humor includes:

The World Goes On, László Krasznahorkai
Laziness in the Fertile Valley, Albert Cossery
House Mother Normal, B.S. Johnson
Unclay, T. F. Powys
Oreo, Fran Ross
Memento Mori, Muriel Spark
Lightning Rods, Helen DeWitt

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The World Goes On A magnificent new collection of stories by “the contemporary Hungarian master of apocalypse” (Susan Sontag)
Laziness in the Fertile Valley A family of proud layabouts star in this comic novel by the Egyptian writer known as “the Voltaire of the Nile”
The Factory
House Mother Normal A wild, experimental, polyphonic novel, recounting a typical day of diminishing returns at a nursing home
Oreo A pioneering, dazzling satire about a biracial black girl from Philadelphia searching for her Jewish father in New York City
Memento Mori Poignant, hilarious, and spooky, Memento Mori addresses old age
Lightning Rods The long-awaited second novel by the author of The Last Samurai.