From the great Croatian writer: a masterly work of literature-hilarious, unforgiving, and utterly reasonable

Available July 6, 2021

On the Edge of Reason

Fiction by Miroslav Krleža

Until the age of fifty-two, the protagonist of On the Edge of Reason suffered a monotonous existence as a highly respected lawyer. he owned a carriage and wore a top hat. He lived the life of “an orderly good-for-nothing among a whole crowd of neat, gray good-for-nothings.” But, one evening, surrounded by ladies and gentlemen at a party, he hears the Director-General tell a lively anecdote of how he shot four men like dogs for trespassing on his property.

Written in 1938, On the Edge of Reason reveals the fundamental chasm between conformity and individuality. As folly piles upon folly, hypocrisy upon hypocrisy, reason itself begins to give way, and edge between reality and unreality disappears.

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Miroslav Krleža

Miroslav Krleža was a dominant Croatian and Yugoslav writer.