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Title Author Publication Date Genre
The Linden TreeCésar AiraApril, 2018Fiction
The Desert and Its SeedJorge Barón BizaApril, 2018Fiction
Negative SpaceLuljeta LleshanakuApril, 2018Poetry
The EmissaryYoko TawadaApril, 2018Fiction
CompassMathias ÉnardMarch, 2018Fiction
The BeekeeperRescuing the Stolen Women of IraqDunya MikhailMarch, 2018Nonfiction
The ChandelierClarice LispectorMarch, 2018Fiction
The Solitary TwinHarry MathewsMarch, 2018Fiction
Cat PoemsFebruary, 2018Poetry
A Good Comb: The Sayings of Muriel SparkMuriel SparkFebruary, 2018Nonfiction
The Informed AirEssaysFebruary, 2018
Poems from the Book of HoursRainer RilkeJanuary, 2018Poetry
Temple of the ScapegoatOpera StoriesAlexander KlugeJanuary, 2018Fiction
Time of GratitudeGennady AygiDecember, 2017Nonfiction
BakkhaiAnne CarsonDecember, 2017Theater
DandelionsYasunari KawabataDecember, 2017Fiction
Mrs. Caliban Rachel IngallsNovember, 2017Fiction
The World Goes OnLászló KrasznahorkaiNovember, 2017Fiction
Ferlinghetti's Greatest PoemsLawrence FerlinghettiNovember, 2017Poetry
Magnetic Point: Selected Poems Ryszard Krynicki November, 2017Poetry
ConcludingHenry GreenOctober, 2017Fiction
The KitesRomain GaryOctober, 2017Fiction
Promise at Dawn A MemoirRomain GaryOctober, 2017Nonfiction
Al Que Quiere!William Carlos WilliamsOctober, 2017Poetry
The Poems of Dylan ThomasCentenary Edition, edited by John GoodbyDylan ThomasOctober, 2017Poetry
BelladonnaDaša DrndićOctober, 2017Fiction
Go, Went, GoneJenny ErpenbeckSeptember, 2017Fiction
The Book of Disquiet (The Complete Edition)Fernando PessoaAugust, 2017Fiction
Letters to His NeighborMarcel ProustAugust, 2017Nonfiction
Sea, Land, ShadowKazuko ShiraishiAugust, 2017Poetry
21 PoemsGeorge OppenAugust, 2017Poetry
Across the Vapour GulfWill AlexanderAugust, 2017Poetry
Blue PearlLesley HarrisonAugust, 2017Poetry
Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay CashEka KurniawanAugust, 2017Fiction
I Am the Brother of XXFleur JaeggyJuly, 2017Fiction
These Possible LivesFleur JaeggyJuly, 2017Nonfiction
GondwanaNathaniel TarnJune, 2017Poetry
DebthsSusan HoweJune, 2017Poetry
The Little Buddhist Monk & The ProofCésar AiraMay, 2017Fiction
Investigations of a Dog & Other CreaturesFranz KafkaMay, 2017Fiction
The Illustrious House of Ramires (New) José Maria de Eça de QueirósMay, 2017Fiction
The MaidsJunichiro TanizakiApril, 2017Fiction
Devils in DaylightJunichiro TanizakiApril, 2017Fiction
Walks with WalserCarl SeeligApril, 2017Nonfiction
The Teeth of the Comb & Other StoriesOsama AlomarApril, 2017Fiction
City Gate, Open UpBei DaoApril, 2017Nonfiction
CompassMathias ÉnardMarch, 2017Fiction
Locus SolusRaymond RousselMarch, 2017Fiction
Literature ClassBerkeley 1980Julio CortázarMarch, 2017Nonfiction
Late ArcadeNathaniel MackeyFebruary, 2017Fiction
Pereira Maintains Antonio TabucchiFebruary, 2017Fiction
Is That Kafka?99 FindsReiner StachFebruary, 2017Nonfiction
The Journal Of Albion MoonlightKenneth PatchenFebruary, 2017Fiction
A Simple StoryThe Last MalamboLeila GuerrieroFebruary, 2017Nonfiction
Ancient TillageRaduan NassarJanuary, 2017Fiction
A Cup of RageRaduan NassarJanuary, 2017Fiction
Ema, the Captive César AiraDecember, 2016Fiction
The Wisdom Of The HeartHenry MillerDecember, 2016Fiction
The Tongue of Adam Abdelfattah KilitoNovember, 2016Nonfiction
VertigoW.G. SebaldNovember, 2016Fiction
The Rings of SaturnW.G. SebaldNovember, 2016
The EmigrantsW.G. SebaldNovember, 2016
Sebald SetThe Emigrants, The Rings of Saturn & VertigoW.G. SebaldNovember, 2016
Memoirs of a Polar Bear Yoko TawadaNovember, 2016
The Attraction of Things Roger Lewinter November, 2016Fiction
A Child’s Christmas in WalesDylan ThomasOctober, 2016Poetry
Story of Love in Solitude Roger Lewinter October, 2016Fiction
The Ghosts of BirdsEliot WeinbergerOctober, 2016Nonfiction
Nineteen Ways of Looking at Wang Wei Eliot WeinbergerOctober, 2016Nonfiction
Envelope PoemsEmily DickinsonOctober, 2016Poetry
The Hideous Hidden Sylvia LegrisSeptember, 2016Poetry
Vampire in Love Enrique Vila-MatasSeptember, 2016Fiction
Alice Iris Red HorseSelected PoemsYoshimasu GozoSeptember, 2016Poetry
The Last Wolf & HermanLászló KrasznahorkaiSeptember, 2016Fiction
The Strange Case of Rachel KRachel KushnerSeptember, 2016Fiction
House Mother NormalB.S. JohnsonAugust, 2016Fiction
Revulsion: Thomas Bernhard in San SalvadorHoracio Castellanos MoyaJuly, 2016Fiction
Moise and the World of ReasonTennessee WilliamsJuly, 2016Fiction
Now the Cats with Jeweled ClawsAnd Other One-Act PlaysTennessee WilliamsJuly, 2016Theater
French Love PoemsJune, 2016Poetry
The Laughter of the SphinxMichael PalmerJune, 2016Poetry
Works and Days Bernadette MayerJune, 2016Poetry
The Last SamuraiHelen DeWittMay, 2016Fiction
A Barbarian in AsiaHenri MichauxMay, 2016Fiction
CounternarrativesJohn KeeneMay, 2016Fiction
Extracting the Stone of MadnessPoems 1962–1972 Alejandra PizarnikMay, 2016Poetry
Little LaborsRivka GalchenMay, 2016Nonfiction
Once and For All: The Best of Delmore SchwartzDelmore SchwartzMay, 2016
Gap Gardening: Selected PoemsRosmarie WaldropApril, 2016Poetry
TravestyJohn HawkesApril, 2016Fiction
The Yellow SofaJosé Maria de Eça de QueirósApril, 2016Fiction
ConfessionsRabee JaberMarch, 2016Fiction
Voyage Around My RoomXavier de MaistreMarch, 2016Nonfiction
A Little Lumpen NovelitaRoberto BolañoMarch, 2016Fiction
All the PoemsStevie SmithFebruary, 2016Poetry
The End of DaysJenny ErpenbeckFebruary, 2016Fiction
On the EdgeRafael ChirbesJanuary, 2016Fiction
Lost WordsNicola GardiniJanuary, 2016Fiction
The Hundred DaysJoseph RothJanuary, 2016Fiction
All the ConspiratorsChristopher IsherwoodJanuary, 2016Fiction
CathayCentennial EditionEzra PoundJanuary, 2016
The QuarrySusan HoweDecember, 2015Nonfiction
The Birth-markSusan HoweDecember, 2015Nonfiction
Because She Never AskedEnrique Vila-MatasNovember, 2015Fiction
TropismsNathalie SarrauteNovember, 2015Fiction
Looking at Pictures Robert WalserNovember, 2015
The TraceForrest GanderOctober, 2015Fiction
The KingKader AbdolahOctober, 2015Fiction
Mr. Kafka and Other Tales from the Time of the CultBohumil HrabalOctober, 2015Fiction
DinnerCésar AiraOctober, 2015Fiction
The Hotel YearsJoseph RothSeptember, 2015
Confessions Of A MaskYukio MishimaSeptember, 2015Fiction
Death In MidsummerYukio MishimaSeptember, 2015Fiction
Shards: Fragments of VersesLorenzo ChieraSeptember, 2015Poetry
Beauty Is a WoundEka KurniawanSeptember, 2015Fiction
A Cat, A Man, and Two WomenJunichiro TanizakiAugust, 2015Fiction
The Edge of the HorizonAntonio TabucchiAugust, 2015Fiction
The Complete StoriesClarice LispectorAugust, 2015Fiction
Mirages of the MindMushtaq Ahmed YousufiJuly, 2015Fiction
OreoFran RossJuly, 2015Fiction
Illogic of KasselEnrique Vila-MatasJune, 2015Fiction
MoodsYoel HoffmannJune, 2015Fiction
A Brief History of Portable LiteratureEnrique Vila-MatasJune, 2015Fiction
Antigonick(Sophokles)Anne CarsonMay, 2015Poetry
Day Of The LocustNathanael WestMay, 2015Fiction
Blue FasaNathaniel MackeyMay, 2015Poetry
Fairy TalesDramolettesRobert WalserApril, 2015Theater
Hermit's Guide to Home EconomicsRobert LaxApril, 2015Poetry
Dirty PoemFerreira GullarApril, 2015Poetry
Hospital SeriesAmelia RosselliApril, 2015
The Late Poems of Wang An-ShihWang An-shihMarch, 2015Poetry
The Dream of My ReturnHoracio Castellanos MoyaMarch, 2015Fiction
The Musical Brainand Other StoriesCésar AiraMarch, 2015Fiction
Adventures in Immediate IrrealityMax BlecherFebruary, 2015Fiction
Love HotelJane UnrueFebruary, 2015Fiction
The Country RoadRegina UllmannJanuary, 2015Fiction
CaptivesNorman ManeaDecember, 2014Fiction
Spontaneous ParticularsThe Telepathy of ArchivesSusan HoweOctober, 2014
The Collected Poems of James LaughlinJames LaughlinOctober, 2014Poetry
ConversationsCésar AiraJune, 2014Fiction
Poems of Osip MandelstamOsip MandelstamJune, 2014Poetry
Derangements of My ContemporariesLi ShangyinJune, 2014Poetry
The IcelandSakutaro HagiwaraJune, 2014Poetry
The Albertine WorkoutAnne CarsonJune, 2014Poetry
The Iraqi NightsDunya MikhailMay, 2014Poetry
Loitering with IntentMuriel SparkMay, 2014Fiction
The BachelorsMuriel SparkMay, 2014Fiction
A Far Cry from KensingtonMuriel SparkMay, 2014Fiction
The Ballad of Peckham RyeMuriel SparkMay, 2014Fiction
Memento MoriMuriel SparkMay, 2014Fiction
The Secret of EvilRoberto BolañoMay, 2014Fiction
Between ParenthesesRoberto BolañoMay, 2014
Never Love a GamblerKeith RidgwayMay, 2014Fiction
StealthSonallah IbrahimMay, 2014Fiction
The Informed AirEssaysMuriel SparkApril, 2014Nonfiction
Territorial RightsMuriel SparkApril, 2014Fiction
The Driver’s SeatMuriel SparkApril, 2014Fiction
The ComfortersMuriel SparkApril, 2014Fiction
The Invention of InfluencePeter ColeJanuary, 2014Poetry
The Guest CatTakashi HiraideJanuary, 2014Fiction
Piano StoriesFelisberto HernándezJanuary, 2014Fiction
Poems to Read on a StreetcarOliverio GirondoJanuary, 2014Poetry
Fullblood ArabianOsama AlomarJanuary, 2014Poetry
Blasts Cries LaughterLawrence FerlinghettiJanuary, 2014Poetry
Best PoemsStevie SmithDecember, 2013Poetry
Fifteen Iraqi PoetsNovember, 2013Poetry
The Collected Poems Of Denise LevertovDenise LevertovNovember, 2013Poetry
The Mongolian ConspiracyRafael BernalNovember, 2013Fiction
ShantytownCésar AiraNovember, 2013Fiction
Laziness in the Fertile ValleyAlbert CosseryNovember, 2013Fiction
The Gorgeous NothingsEmily Dickinson's Envelope PoemsEmily DickinsonOctober, 2013Poetry
LeapfrogAnd Other StoriesGuillermo RosalesOctober, 2013Fiction
The Green ChildHerbert ReadOctober, 2013Fiction
MorphineMikhail BulgakovSeptember, 2013Fiction
Seiobo There BelowLászló KrasznahorkaiSeptember, 2013Fiction
ElegiesMuriel RukeyserSeptember, 2013Poetry
Hawthorn & ChildKeith RidgwaySeptember, 2013Fiction
The Roman Spring of Mrs. StoneTennessee WilliamsSeptember, 2013Fiction
The Sinistra ZoneÁdám BodorAugust, 2013Fiction
Professor BorgesA Course On English LiteratureJorge Luis BorgesJuly, 2013Nonfiction
The HareCésar AiraJuly, 2013Fiction
Miss LonelyheartsNathanael WestJuly, 2013Fiction
The Red NotebookPaul AusterJuly, 2013Nonfiction
Two CrocodilesFyodor Dostoevsky,Felisberto HernándezJuly, 2013Fiction
Under Milk WoodDylan ThomasJuly, 2013Theater
The Unknown UniversityRoberto BolañoJuly, 2013Poetry
The Beautiful ContradictionsNathaniel TarnJuly, 2013Poetry
Vale AveHilda Doolittle (H.D.)July, 2013Poetry
Eiko & KomaForrest GanderJuly, 2013Poetry
A Musical HellAlejandra PizarnikJuly, 2013Poetry
Poetry Pamphlets 5-8Nathaniel Tarn,Hilda Doolittle (H.D.),Alejandra Pizarnik,Forrest GanderJuly, 2013Poetry
The Mehlis ReportRabee JaberJune, 2013Fiction
Borges at EightyConversationsJorge Luis BorgesJune, 2013Nonfiction
Selected Poems of Federico García LorcaFederico García LorcaJune, 2013Poetry
Mr Norris Changes TrainsChristopher IsherwoodMay, 2013Fiction
Alvin Lustig for New Directions: 50 PostcardsAlvin LustigMay, 2013
A Little RambleIn the Spirit of Robert WalserRobert WalserApril, 2013Fiction
Hello, the RosesMei-Mei BerssenbruggeApril, 2013Poetry
The Emperor's TombJoseph RothApril, 2013Fiction
The Bridge Over the Neroch & Other WorksLeonid TsypkinMarch, 2013Fiction
Poetry Pamphlets 1–4Eliot Weinberger,Lydia Davis,Susan Howe,Sylvia Legris,Bernadette MayerMarch, 2013Poetry
Two American ScenesOur Village & A Journey on the Colorado RiverLydia Davis,Eliot WeinbergerMarch, 2013Poetry
Pneumatic AntiphonalSylvia LegrisMarch, 2013Poetry
The Helens of Troy, New YorkBernadette MayerMarch, 2013Poetry
Sorting Facts, or Nineteen Ways of Looking at MarkerSusan HoweMarch, 2013
AstragalAlbertine SarrazinMarch, 2013Fiction
NauseaJean-Paul SartreMarch, 2013Fiction
That Smell & Notes from PrisonSonallah IbrahimMarch, 2013Fiction
Time of GriefMourning PoemsJeffrey YangFebruary, 2013Poetry
Exercises in Style: 65th Anniversary EditionRaymond QueneauJanuary, 2013Fiction
While the Women Are SleepingJavier MaríasNovember, 2012Fiction
Time of Useful Consciousness: Limited EditionLawrence FerlinghettiNovember, 2012
MicroscriptsRobert WalserNovember, 2012Fiction
Orpheus Descending & Suddenly Last SummerTennessee WilliamsNovember, 2012Theater
Places of My InfancyGiuseppe Tomasi di LampedusaNovember, 2012Nonfiction
The Bridegroom Was a DogYoko TawadaNovember, 2012Fiction
Time of Useful ConsciousnessLawrence FerlinghettiOctober, 2012Poetry
The Poems of Octavio PazOctavio PazOctober, 2012Poetry
The Miracle Cures of Dr. AiraCésar AiraOctober, 2012Fiction
Lightning RodsHelen DeWittOctober, 2012Fiction
Goodbye to BerlinChristopher IsherwoodSeptember, 2012Fiction
The Cardboard HouseMartín AdánSeptember, 2012Fiction
Thirty PoemsRobert WalserJune, 2012Poetry
DublinesqueEnrique Vila-MatasJune, 2012Fiction
On Christian ContemplationA New Directions Gift BookThomas MertonJune, 2012Poetry
On Eastern MeditationA New Directions Gift BookThomas MertonJune, 2012Nonfiction
In Dreams Begin Responsibilities & Other StoriesDelmore SchwartzJune, 2012
Near to the Wild HeartClarice LispectorJune, 2012Fiction
A Breath of LifeClarice LispectorJune, 2012Fiction
Água VivaClarice LispectorJune, 2012Fiction
The Passion According to G.H.Clarice LispectorJune, 2012Fiction
Tribute to FreudHilda Doolittle (H.D.)June, 2012
The WalkA New Directions PearlRobert WalserJune, 2012
Notes on the MosquitoSelected PoemsXi ChuanApril, 2012Poetry
In the SierraMountain WritingsKenneth RexrothApril, 2012Poetry
SatantangoLászló KrasznahorkaiMarch, 2012Fiction
VaramoCésar AiraFebruary, 2012Fiction
Conversations with KafkaGustav JanouchJanuary, 2012Nonfiction
Memories Look at MeA MemoirTomas TranströmerDecember, 2011Nonfiction
WoolgatheringPatti SmithNovember, 2011Fiction
The Colors of InfamyAlbert CosseryNovember, 2011Fiction
The Poetry of ThoughtFrom Hellenism to CelanGeorge SteinerNovember, 2011Nonfiction
Nod HouseNathaniel MackeyNovember, 2011Poetry
The Hour of the StarClarice LispectorNovember, 2011Fiction
The Night Before ChristmasNikolai GogolOctober, 2011Fiction
The Hall of the Singing CaryatidsVictor PelevinOctober, 2011Fiction
FidelitiesOctober, 2011
By Word of MouthPoems from the Spanish, 1916–1959October, 2011Poetry
A Season in Hell & The Drunken BoatArthur RimbaudOctober, 2011Fiction
TresRoberto BolañoSeptember, 2011Poetry
Good OfficesEvelio RoseroSeptember, 2011Fiction
The Glass Menagerie (Centennial Edition)Deluxe Centennial EditionTennessee WilliamsSeptember, 2011Theater
Spring and AllWilliam Carlos WilliamsJuly, 2011Poetry
The Seamstress and the WindCésar AiraJune, 2011Fiction
On BoozeF. Scott FitzgeraldJune, 2011Nonfiction
The LeviathanJoseph RothJune, 2011Fiction
Tyrant MemoryHoracio Castellanos MoyaJune, 2011Fiction
Light, Grass, and Letter in AprilInger ChristensenJune, 2011Poetry
AnimalinsideLászló KrasznahorkaiJune, 2011Fiction
Core Samples from the WorldForrest GanderJune, 2011Poetry
Between Parentheses Essays, Articles And Speeches, 1998-2003Roberto BolañoMay, 2011Nonfiction
ThreadMichael PalmerMay, 2011Poetry
Never Any End to ParisEnrique Vila-MatasMay, 2011Fiction
An Empty RoomMu XinMay, 2011Fiction
Curriculum Vitae: A Volume Of AutobiographyMuriel SparkMay, 2011Nonfiction
Birds, Beasts, and SeasNature Poems from New DirectionsApril, 2011Poetry
The Magic Tower And Other One-Act PlaysTennessee WilliamsApril, 2011Theater
‘‘A’’Louis ZukofskyJanuary, 2011Poetry
That ThisSusan HoweDecember, 2010Poetry
Driven to AbstractionRosmarie WaldropNovember, 2010Poetry
Fireflies in the MistQurratulain HyderNovember, 2010Fiction
New Selected Poems & TranslationsEzra PoundOctober, 2010Poetry
War & Love, Love & WarAharon ShabtaiOctober, 2010Poetry
ABC of ReadingEzra PoundOctober, 2010Nonfiction
VisitationJenny ErpenbeckSeptember, 2010Fiction
The Clash of ImagesAbdelfattah KilitoSeptember, 2010Fiction
The Insufferable GauchoRoberto BolañoAugust, 2010Fiction
From a Broken Bottle Traces of Perfume Still EmanateNathaniel MackeyJuly, 2010Fiction
The ReturnRoberto BolañoJuly, 2010Fiction
The King of TreesAh ChengJune, 2010Fiction
The Three FatesLinda LêJune, 2010Fiction
Everything and NothingJorge Luis BorgesMay, 2010Fiction
A Splendid ConspiracyAlbert CosseryMay, 2010Fiction
The Literary ConferenceCésar AiraMay, 2010Fiction
The TannersRobert WalserMay, 2010Fiction
An American DadWilliam Eric WilliamsMay, 2010Nonfiction
Not to DisturbMuriel SparkMay, 2010Fiction
MysteriososMichael McClureApril, 2010Poetry
SextetHenry MillerApril, 2010Nonfiction
AntwerpRoberto BolañoApril, 2010Fiction
Bird Lovers, BackyardThalia FieldApril, 2010Poetry
Collected Poems of Dylan Thomas: The OriginalDylan ThomasApril, 2010Poetry
The Colossus Of MaroussiHenry MillerApril, 2010Nonfiction
The Rose TattooTennessee WilliamsApril, 2010Theater
In Search of DuendeFederico García LorcaMarch, 2010Fiction
The Way of Chuang TzuThomas MertonMarch, 2010Nonfiction
Party In The BlitzElias CanettiFebruary, 2010Nonfiction
Bad Nature, or with Elvis in MexicoJavier MaríasFebruary, 2010Fiction
PatriotismYukio MishimaFebruary, 2010Fiction
Child Of NatureLuljeta LleshanakuFebruary, 2010Poetry
Tales of DesireTennessee WilliamsFebruary, 2010Fiction
The Rose Of TimeNew & Selected Poems Bei DaoJanuary, 2010Poetry
My HeroMaude HutchinsJanuary, 2010Fiction
GeorgianaMaude HutchinsJanuary, 2010Fiction
Kornél EstiDezső KosztolányiJanuary, 2010Fiction
Monsieur PainRoberto BolañoJanuary, 2010Fiction
A Diary of LoveMaude HutchinsJanuary, 2010Fiction
Your Face Tomorrow Vol. 3: Poison, Shadow, & FarewellJavier MaríasNovember, 2009Fiction
The Night of the IguanaTennessee WilliamsOctober, 2009Theater
In the American GrainWilliam Carlos WilliamsOctober, 2009Nonfiction
Siddhartha / The DhammapadaHermann Hesse,BuddhaSeptember, 2009Fiction
The ArmiesEvelio RoseroSeptember, 2009Fiction
The She-Devil in the MirrorHoracio Castellanos MoyaSeptember, 2009Fiction
Sri Lankan LoxodromeWill AlexanderSeptember, 2009Poetry
Love Is Like Park AvenueAlvin LevinAugust, 2009Nonfiction
Selected Poems of Jimmy Santiago BacaJimmy Santiago BacaAugust, 2009Poetry
AzornoInger ChristensenJuly, 2009Fiction
We MeetKenneth PatchenJuly, 2009Poetry
Curriculum VitaeYoel HoffmannJuly, 2009Poetry
Seven NightsJorge Luis BorgesJuly, 2009Nonfiction
Billancourt TalesNina BerberovaJuly, 2009Fiction
Oranges & Peanuts For SaleEliot WeinbergerJune, 2009Nonfiction
Miss Lonelyhearts & The Day of the LocustNathanael WestJune, 2009Fiction
The UnfortunatesB.S. JohnsonMay, 2009Fiction
Nazi Literature in the AmericasRoberto BolañoMay, 2009Fiction
The Halfway HouseGuillermo RosalesMay, 2009Fiction
The Naked EyeYoko TawadaMay, 2009Fiction
Diary Of A Wave Outside The SeaDunya MikhailApril, 2009Poetry
New Selected Essays: Where I LiveNew Selected Essays of Tennessee WilliamsTennessee WilliamsApril, 2009Nonfiction
Written On The SkyKenneth RexrothApril, 2009Poetry
NoxAnne CarsonApril, 2009Poetry
Songs Of Love, Moon & WindKenneth RexrothApril, 2009Poetry
The Captain’s VersesPablo NerudaMarch, 2009Poetry
GhostsCésar AiraFebruary, 2009Fiction
The Crack-UpF. Scott FitzgeraldFebruary, 2009Nonfiction
PluriverseNew and Selected PoemsErnesto CardenalJanuary, 2009Poetry
George Steiner at the New YorkerGeorge SteinerJanuary, 2009Nonfiction
The Final MartyrsShusaku EndoJanuary, 2009Fiction
My Floating Mother, CityKazuko ShiraishiJanuary, 2009Poetry
Love PoemsPablo NerudaDecember, 2008Poetry
Christmas PoemsJames LaughlinNovember, 2008Poetry
Poetry State ForestBernadette MayerNovember, 2008Poetry
Romantic DogsRoberto BolañoNovember, 2008Poetry
New Collected Poems of George OppenGeorge OppenNovember, 2008Poetry
Sweet Bird Of YouthTennessee WilliamsOctober, 2008Theater
Camino RealTennessee WilliamsOctober, 2008Theater
Ins & Outs Of The Forest RiversNathaniel TarnSeptember, 2008Poetry
Mickelsson’s GhostsJohn GardnerSeptember, 2008Fiction
The City and the MountainsJosé Maria de Eça de QueirósSeptember, 2008Fiction
Things On Which I’ve StumbledPeter ColeSeptember, 2008Poetry
NightwoodDjuna BarnesSeptember, 2008Fiction
As a FriendForrest GanderSeptember, 2008Fiction
The Berlin StoriesChristopher IsherwoodSeptember, 2008Fiction
If I Were Writing ThisRobert CreeleyAugust, 2008Poetry
Active BoundariesMichael PalmerAugust, 2008Nonfiction
Figures & FigurationsOctavio PazAugust, 2008Poetry
The Walking Away WorldKenneth PatchenJuly, 2008Poetry
Lands of MemoryFelisberto HernándezJuly, 2008Fiction
The Real Life of Sebastian KnightVladimir NabokovJuly, 2008Fiction
Final ExamJulio CortázarJuly, 2008Fiction
The Club of AngelsLuis VerissimoJune, 2008Fiction
BoxwoodCamilo José CelaJune, 2008Fiction
For The Fighting Spirit Of The WalnutTakashi HiraideJune, 2008Poetry
Massacre RiverRené PhiloctèteMay, 2008Fiction
AmuletRoberto BolañoMay, 2008Fiction
SenselessnessHoracio Castellanos MoyaMay, 2008Fiction
Your Face Tomorrow Vol. 2: Dance & DreamJavier MaríasMay, 2008Fiction
Firefly Under The TongueCoral BrachoApril, 2008Poetry
A House Not Meant To StandTennessee WilliamsApril, 2008Theater
The Traveling Companion & Other PlaysTennessee WilliamsApril, 2008Theater
Once As It WasGriselda OhannessianFebruary, 2008Nonfiction
KinshuTeru MiyamotoFebruary, 2008Fiction
How I Became a NunCésar AiraFebruary, 2008Fiction
The Man of FeelingJavier MaríasFebruary, 2008Fiction
My Unwritten BooksGeorge SteinerJanuary, 2008Nonfiction
Bass CathedralNathaniel MackeyJanuary, 2008Fiction
The Book of WordsJenny ErpenbeckDecember, 2007Fiction
Bartleby & Co.Enrique Vila-MatasDecember, 2007Fiction
Descartes’ LonelinessAllen GrossmanDecember, 2007Fiction
itInger ChristensenNovember, 2007Poetry
The Sunlight DialoguesJohn GardnerNovember, 2007Fiction
The Way It Wasn’tJames LaughlinNovember, 2007Nonfiction
Gandhi on Non-ViolenceThomas MertonNovember, 2007Nonfiction
My Emily DickinsonSusan HoweNovember, 2007Nonfiction
New Seeds of ContemplationThomas MertonNovember, 2007Nonfiction
Souls Of The Labadie TractSusan HoweNovember, 2007Poetry
Field RussiaGennady AygiOctober, 2007Poetry
The Great EnigmaTomas TranströmerOctober, 2007Poetry
MemoirsTennessee WilliamsOctober, 2007Nonfiction
Nickel MountainJohn GardnerOctober, 2007Fiction
SymposiumMuriel SparkOctober, 2007Fiction
Poetry As Insurgent ArtLawrence Ferlinghetti,Adam PhillipsSeptember, 2007Poetry
If This Be TreasonGregory RabassaSeptember, 2007Fiction
Curves To The AppleRosmarie WaldropSeptember, 2007Poetry
Cinema StoriesAlexander KlugeSeptember, 2007Fiction
Your Face Tomorrow Vol. 1: Fever & SpearJavier MaríasSeptember, 2007Fiction
The Devil's BlindspotAlexander KlugeSeptember, 2007Fiction
The Selected Letters of Tennessee Williams Vol. II: 1946-1957Tennessee WilliamsSeptember, 2007Nonfiction
The MaiasJosé Maria de Eça de QueirósJuly, 2007Fiction
The AssistantRobert WalserJuly, 2007Fiction
CrossingsChuang HuaJune, 2007Fiction
TriptychJerome RothenbergJune, 2007Fiction
The TortoisesVeza CanettiJune, 2007Fiction
A House in IstriaRichard SwartzJune, 2007Fiction
LabyrinthsJorge Luis BorgesMay, 2007Fiction
An Elemental ThingEliot WeinbergerMay, 2007Nonfiction
Facing the BridgeYoko TawadaMay, 2007Fiction
I Served the King of EnglandBohumil HrabalMay, 2007Fiction
Montano’s MaladyEnrique Vila-MatasMay, 2007Fiction
Nausea (2007 edition)Jean-Paul SartreMay, 2007Fiction
Last Evenings on EarthRoberto BolañoApril, 2007Fiction
Spring Poems Along The Rio GrandeJimmy Santiago BacaApril, 2007Poetry
The Collected Poems Of Tennessee WilliamsTennessee WilliamsApril, 2007Poetry
Ds (2)Kamau BrathwaiteApril, 2007Poetry
Durrell-Miller Letters 1935-1980Ian S. MacNivenMarch, 2007Nonfiction
The Heart is KatmanduYoel HoffmannNovember, 2006Fiction
The Christ of FishYoel HoffmannNovember, 2006Fiction
BernhardYoel HoffmannNovember, 2006Fiction
Laughter in the DarkVladimir NabokovSeptember, 2006Fiction
The Shoe Tester of FrankfurtWilhelm GenazinoJune, 2006Fiction
The Art LoverCarole MasoJune, 2006Fiction
The Selected Poems Of Wang WeiWang WeiJune, 2006Poetry
Blue Light in the SkyCan XueJune, 2006Fiction
Journey to the End of the NightLouis-Ferdinand CélineMay, 2006Fiction
It's Getting Later All the TimeAntonio TabucchiMay, 2006Fiction
Splay AnthemNathaniel MackeyMay, 2006Fiction
An Episode in the Life of a Landscape PainterCésar AiraMay, 2006Fiction
The Member Of The WeddingCarson McCullersMay, 2006Theater
Terrestrial IntelligenceBarbara EplerApril, 2006Fiction
World BeatInternational Poetry NowApril, 2006Poetry
Ground WorkBefore The War / In The DarkRobert DuncanApril, 2006Poetry
War & WarLászló KrasznahorkaiApril, 2006Fiction
Making PeaceDenise LevertovFebruary, 2006Poetry
Written LivesJavier MaríasFebruary, 2006Nonfiction
The Spirit Of RomanceEzra PoundDecember, 2005Poetry
Ezra Pound, Father And Teacher: DiscretionsMary de RachewiltzDecember, 2005Nonfiction
Spain In Our HeartsPablo NerudaNovember, 2005Poetry
Second SkinJohn HawkesNovember, 2005Fiction
NostalgiaMircea CărtărescuNovember, 2005Fiction
October LightJohn GardnerOctober, 2005Fiction
The Adventures of Mao on the Long MarchFrederic TutenOctober, 2005Fiction
What Happened HereEliot WeinbergerSeptember, 2005Nonfiction
Eye Against EyeForrest GanderSeptember, 2005Poetry
The Old Child & Other StoriesJenny ErpenbeckSeptember, 2005Fiction
Sea Of DreamsGu ChengJuly, 2005Poetry
Scarlet TanagerBernadette MayerJune, 2005Poetry
A Tomb For AnatoleStéphane MallarméJune, 2005Poetry
Love and Other StoriesTibor DéryJune, 2005Fiction
Borges and the Eternal OrangutansLuis VerissimoMay, 2005Fiction
Midnight’s GateBei DaoMay, 2005Poetry
Mountain HomeDavid HintonMay, 2005Poetry
The Company Of MothsMichael PalmerMay, 2005Poetry
The War Works HardDunya MikhailApril, 2005Poetry
In The Dark Before DawnThomas MertonApril, 2005Poetry
Mister Paradise & Other One Act PlaysTennessee WilliamsApril, 2005Theater
BywaysJames LaughlinFebruary, 2005Poetry
Analyzing FreudHilda Doolittle (H.D.)January, 2005Nonfiction
The Missing Head of Damasceno MonteiroAntonio TabucchiJanuary, 2005Fiction
Distant StarRoberto BolañoDecember, 2004Fiction
LuckGert HofmannNovember, 2004Fiction
A Fifth of NovemberPaul WestNovember, 2004Fiction
Antipoems: How To Look Better & Feel GreatNicanor ParraSeptember, 2004Poetry
A Streetcar Named DesireTennessee WilliamsSeptember, 2004Theater
Cat on a Hot Tin RoofTennessee WilliamsSeptember, 2004Theater
Incarnate: Story MaterialThalia FieldSeptember, 2004Fiction
Candles To The SunTennessee WilliamsAugust, 2004Theater
The Last Will & Testament of Senhor da Silva AraújoGermano AlmeidaJuly, 2004Fiction
Dark Back of TimeJavier MaríasJune, 2004Fiction
Residence On EarthPablo NerudaJune, 2004Poetry
Butterfly ValleyInger ChristensenJune, 2004Poetry
Screeno: Stories & PoemsDelmore SchwartzJune, 2004Fiction
Lichtenberg and the Little Flower GirlGert HofmannMay, 2004Fiction
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