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Your Face Tomorrow Vol. 3: Poison, Shadow, & Farewell

by Javier Marías

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Quirky, hypnotic, and utterly original . . . this brilliant novel is surely one of the greatest the century has so far produced.

—Mark Ford, New York Review of Books

The triumphant conclusion of Javier Marias's masterpiece Your Face Tomorrow is at last available as a paperback.

Your Face Tomorrow Vol. 3: Poison, Shadow, & Farewell

Fiction by Javier Marías

translated from the Spanish by Margaret Jull Costa

A spectacular finale, Poison, Shadow and Farewell brings to a close Javier Marías’s daring, unfolding three-part novel Your Face Tomorrow. Marías’s magnum opus has already been acclaimed "exquisite" (Publishers Weekly), "gorgeous" (Kirkus), and "outstanding: another work of urgent originality" (London Independent). With its heightened tensions between meditations and noir narrative, Poison, Shadow and Farewell takes our hero, Jacques Deza––hired by a shady branch of M16 as a person of perception––back to Madrid to spy on and try to protect his own family, as he plunges into new depths of love and loss.

published November 1st, 2009