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Christine Burgin series

The poems also give us Walser's manner in concentrated miniature, and it could be that rhyme — joining the disparate, cultivating the arbitrary - is at the heart of what he is doing. They are odd, whimsical, insouciant things, exhilarating in their ability to be what they are. 

The Times Literary Supplement

A deluxe edition of the Swiss master's best poems

Thirty Poems

Poetry by Robert Walser

translated from the German by Christopher Middleton
with a contribution by Christopher Middleton

A Christine Burgin co-publication

In a small, exquisite clothbound format resembling the early Swiss and German editions of Walser’s work, Thirty Poems collects famed translator Christopher Middleton’s favorite poems from the more than five hundred Walser wrote. The illustrations range from an early poem in perfect copperplate handwriting, to one from a 1927 Czech-German newspaper, to a microscript.

published June 28th, 2012