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The Informed Air Essays

by Muriel Spark

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Muriel's sparky prose is the best way to start your day. Reading a blast of her prose every morning is a far more restorative way to start a day than a shot of espresso.

The Telegraph (London)

Together for the first time in one sparkling, delicious volume, here are the greatest essays of Muriel Spark

The Informed Air Essays

Nonfiction by Muriel Spark

Edited by Penelope Jardin

In this monumental collection, the inimitable Muriel Spark addresses all of her favorite subjects: the writing life; love; cats; favorite writers (T. S. Eliot, Robert Burns, the Brontës, Mary Shelley); Piero della Francesca; life in wartime London and in glamorous “Hollywood-on-the-Tiber” 1960s Rome; faith; and parties (of course). 

Spark’s scope is amazing, and her striking, glancing insights are precise and unforgettable. From the mysteries of Job’s sufferings, she glides to Dame Edith Sitwell’s cocktail-party advice on how to handle a nasty publisher, and on to the joys of success.

published April 29th, 2014
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